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Gebert Rüf Stiftung is supporting the project «Wissenschaft im Verbund für Regionalzeitungen» (Science in a network of regional newspapers). Today, reports on scientific and research topics are mainly to be found in Switzerland's largest daily newspapers and a few Sunday papers. These subjects are under-represented in regional newspapers. This project intends to promote scientific journalism in regional newspapers. The aim is to bring scientific and research topics to a more rural section of the population who live further out of the cities and do not commute to work by public transport.
The network currently includes Aargauer Zeitung (Basel Landschaftliche Zeitung, BZ Basel, Grenchner Tagblatt, Limmattaler Zeitung, Oltener Tagblatt, Solothurner Zeitung, Zofinger Tagblatt), Der Landbote (Zürcher Oberländer, Zürcher Unterländer, Zürichsee Zeitung), Berner Zeitung (Berner Oberländer, Bieler Tagblatt, Freiburger Nachrichten, Langenthaler Tagblatt, Thuner Tagblatt), Südostschweiz (Höfner Volksblatt, Marchanzeiger, Sarganserländer), Luzerner Zeitung (Nidwaldner Zeitung, Obwaldner Zeitung, Urner Zeitung, Zuger Zeitung) and Freiburger Nachrichten.

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