Focussed use of support funds

Areas of activity are programme-like focal point commitments endowed with defined annual/framework budgets over several years which essentially make up the medium-term grant-making cluster of Gebert Rüf Stiftung.

Objectives under the heading «Wissenschaft & Entrepreneurship»

To support entrepreneurially based links between science and the real world:
  • Area of activity «Venture Kick»
    The Swiss pre-seed fund for start-up projects

Objectives under the heading «Wissenschaft & Öffentlichkeit»

Förderung des Dialogs zwischen der Wissenschaft und der Gesellschaft:
  • Area of activity «Scientainment»
    Novel, low-threshold forms of science communication

Objectives under the heading «Stiftung & Schweiz»

To promote Switzerland as a top location for foundations and to support its foundation sector:
  • Area of activity «Foundation & Policy»
    Legitimation of foundation activities, foundation governance, sector development