Making science effective

Gebert Rüf Stiftung was established by entrepreneur Heinrich Gebert as a foundation for the promotion of the sciences and universities with the objective of enhancing «Switzerland as a place to live and do business» (purpose article). As a private entrepreneurial grant-making agency committed to achieving an impact, the foundation is guided by its mission statement «Wissenschaft bewegen – making science effective». It pursues 3 sets of strategic objectives, under which the operational areas of activity are subsumed:

Promotion of innovation

In comparison with government grant budgets, private grant-making foundations have modest financial resources at their disposal. It is therefore not their task to supplement government budgets or ensure follow-up funding for obsolete models. Rather, it is their task to bear risks and provide start-up financing. Gebert Rüf Stiftung is committed to this understanding of the role of private foundations.

Objectives under the heading «Wissenschaft & Entrepreneurship»

To support entrepreneurially based links between science and the real world; how can science become effective in practice?

Objectives under the heading «Wissenschaft & Öffentlichkeit»

To promote dialogue between science and society. The question pursued within this particular set of support objectives is: How can science achieve a broader resonance in society?

Objectives under the heading «Stiftung & Schweiz»

To promote the foundation sector. The question followed up within this set of objectives is: How can Switzerland as a foundation location develop robustly under a combination of liberal legal framework and a focus on achievement?