Cornerstones of the support relationship

Once a grant is awarded, a firm support relationship is established between you as the project manager and us as a private funding. The framework is the specific project assistance defined in a support agreement. Of central importance is the reporting process linked to project stages. This comprises the interim and final reports for the internal foundation controls and the public reports on the Gebert Rüf Stiftung website. The support agreement also includes two obligations concerning extra-scientific communication.

Conclusion of the contract

The support relationship is initiated during a support colloquy and is formalized with the conclusion of the support agreement.

Project presentation on the GRS website

At the start of your project, it should be publicized on the Gebert Rüf Stiftung website. This web presentation text should be regularly updated.


Interim and final reports must be submitted by the contractually agreed deadline in accordance with the following guidelines.

Project conclusion and debriefing

The project is formally concluded with a closing colloquy. The meeting examines whether both parties adhered to the support agreement and analyses the knowledge gained as a result of the grant-making relationship and the project with regard to content and strategy.

Dealing with Overheads

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