Step-by-step approach

Does your project meet the grant-making criteria? Does it fit in with the focus of one of our strategic areas of activity? If so, we suggest you proceed step by step.

Informal access

E-mail us a one to two-page abstract that briefly and formally outlines the content of your project idea. Please include any alternatives. We are happy to provide advice and will evaluate the chance of your project receiving support from Gebert Rüf Stiftung.

Take note of the deadlines for submitting formal proposals and applications. We are unable to make a serious assessment of and respond to project ideas that are submitted to us just a few days before the formal application submission deadlines owing to the short time frame.

First evaluation level: project proposal

If a preliminary review of your project idea is favourable, we will invite you to submit a formal project proposal. Please observe the relevant guidelines and use the appropriate form.

We would urge you to submit your application well ahead of the applicable closing deadline to allow time for potential queries and formal adjustments.

Guidelines on preparing a project proposal
Project proposal form

Second evaluation level: project application

If the board of trustees approves your project proposal, you can then submit your formal project application to us by the relevant deadline.

Guidelines on preparing a project application
Project application form