Networking projects related to areas of activity

Next submission deadline: 01.05.2019

The new area of activity «Cluster funding» allows Gebert Rüf Stiftung to support outstanding projects which have a close connection to GRS topics and funding programmes and make a particular contribution to networking, shaping and complementing them. Support funds of CHF 0.5 million p.a. are available for this focus programme.

Objective: to support the formation of clusters

The «Cluster funding» support vehicle serves to more strongly network projects, topics and areas of activity at the core of the Gebert Rüf Stiftung funding strategy. The objective is to lock more intensively into synergies between the actors and achieve the necessary critical mass for effective implementation in societal and business domains. In principle, projects from all disciplines and from a very wide range of contexts are welcome, but they must satisfy the strategic support criteria especially closely. Cluster projects take up «Science Entrepreneurship» as a transversal core GRS topic, complement existing areas of activity and, ideally, lead to cluster formation among the latter.

Support criteria for cluster projects

  • Proven networkability
  • Close connection to GRS topics and areas of activity
  • Highly innovative and original
  • Exemplary
  • Projects of Swiss-wide significance
  • Major potential for initial funding
  • The project is based at a Swiss institution of higher education or research (ETH Domain, university, university of applied sciences) or an NPO
  • No infrastructure costs or overheads are financed, only salaries and materials costs directly related to the project.

Project submission

Projects may be submitted to Gebert Rüf Stiftung by one of the quarterly deadlines (1 February, 1 May, 1 September, 1 December) in accordance with the general requirements. The submission procedure has two stages.

Evaluation of cluster projects

Projects for the «Cluster Funding» area of activity may be submitted at any time. For ongoing calls for projects the selection process lasts approximately six months, from submission of the project proposal (step one) to the decision on the project application (step two). The board of trustees reaches the grant-making decision at its quarterly plenary meeting on the basis of the support criteria and the strategic objectives of the area of activity.

There is no procedure for appeals or applications for re-examination or reconsideration; no correspondence will be entered into regarding grant-making decisions.