Focused use of support funds

With its limited funds Gebert Rüf Stiftung seeks to create impetus by bundling its operations into areas of activity. Programmatic in nature, these areas of activity address different funding priorities, which are usually allocated fixed annual outline budgets that are periodically redefined. The grant-making cluster presently consists of eight active and nine closed areas of activity.

Continuing areas of activity

The eight continuing areas of activity are grouped into three target areas and together form the medium-term grant-making cluster of Gebert Rüf Stiftung. It does not act in isolation but interlinks its activities among themselves as well as within a series of project partnerships and in doing so aims to increase the effectiveness of its grantmaking activities. In the area of innovation promotion it cooperates with people and institutions with similar objectives. The networking strategy serves to combine strengths.

The target area «Science & Entrepreneurship» supports entrepreneurially based links between science and the real world:

The target area «Public understanding of science» promotes dialogue between science and society.

The target area «Foundations & Switzerland» aims to develop Switzerland as a foundation location and the Swiss foundation sector:

Closed areas of activity

Gebert Rüf Stiftung’s areas of activity are focal commitments in pursuit of a specific objective and are time-limited. The life cycle of an area of activity is usually divided into an initial and start-up phase, a build-up phase, a consolidation phase and an outphasing stage, which includes an evaluation of the impact achieved.

A programme addressing the brain drain (area of activity «reBrain»), a grant-making programme for science entrepreneurs from the universities (area of activity «NETS»), a Swiss-Baltic academic programme (area of activity «Swiss Baltic Net»), a broad-based scattered support programme for projects at the universities of applied sciences (area of activity «Innovation an Fachhochschulen») and start-up financing for research into rare diseases (area of activity «Rare Diseases – New Approaches») have been closed.

These last-mentioned commitments and their continuation in a new form geared to current needs (area of activity «Venture Kick», area of activity «Swiss South Caucasus Net», area of activity «BREF») and area of activity «Microbials» show that Gebert Rüf Stiftung cultivates thematic continuity despite directing support at time-limited focal points and is active within a grant-making cluster defined by certain fundamental strategic principles.

List of closed areas of activity: