The performance of a foundation depends not only on strategy-based, results-oriented funding management, but also on the net income available from the foundation assets. This relies on the quality and progress of the investments. Gebert Rüf Stiftung discloses its finances in compliance with the requirement for transparency.

Investment Strategy

The foundation assets of Gebert Rüf Stiftung are managed in accordance with a regularly optimized investment strategy based on a constant outflow of around CHF 15 million per year and a long-term target return of 3 % p.a.

Using the principle of asset pooling, investments are made in passive, index-based funds which can charge lower fees because of their size. Compared with active management, this leads to lower fees and ensures that the return achieved is close to the market return. Active investments are used only if no suitable passive products are available in a particular investment category. An exception to this is the share portfolio at a separate custodian bank, which was obtained thanks to an endowment as well as the misson-based investment with the kickfund.


Foundation assets as at 31.12.2023 amounted to CHF 74 million, incl. donation Dr. Ursula Brunner and were split between the following investment categories: 47.2 % bonds, 45.2 % equities, 7.6% private equity.

The return of the Gebert Rüf Stiftung portfolio is measured against that of a reference portfolio. The difference is known as the surplus yield. This may be positive or negative. The distributions are the grants disbursed in the current year.

The net return shown in the table below relates to the fund investment excluding private equity.


Net yield

Surplus yield


Assets in CHF mio.

As at 31.12.23 +8.4 +0.1 12.7   74.0
As at 31.12.22 -15.7 -0.2 12.4   81.5
As at 31.12.21 +7.7 +0.5 13.8 110.9
Comparison value as at 31.12.2005



The annual portfolio costs incurred by Gebert Rüf Stiftung, including controlling, monitoring and supervision by the foundation’s committees, currently runs to approx. 0.2 % p.a. of the foundation’s assets.

Cost factors in CHF


Asset management and administration fees (including VAT)

Investment controlling: annual flat-rate (including VAT)


Supervision and monitoring by the foundation’s committees (estimate) 10'000
Total costs in CHF 170'692
Total costs in % of foundation assets p.a. 0.23



Since it was first established, Gebert Rüf Stiftung has awarded a total of CHF 282 mio., of which CHF 259 mio. has been invested in direct project support. The grant volumes (supported projects) for the past three years were as follows:

Year Funding in CHF mio.
2023 12.1
2022 11.3
2021 12.8



The board of trustees is responsible for the management of the foundation’s assets. It has set up a finance committee to undertake this task. Investment is organized according to the principle of checks and balances; conflicts of interest are avoided by means of a clearly structured  value creation process. Gebert Rüf Stiftung is supported by the following partners in the area of finances:

  • Investment concept/strategic pooling partner: ECOFIN Portfolio Solutions AG, Zurich
  • Fund management: Credit Suisse Funds AG, Zurich
  • Custody Services: Credit Suisse Switzerland AG, Zurich; Rahn+Bodmer Co., Zürich (endowment)
  • Direct investment: Margebli JSC, Georgia (private equity)
  • Investment controlling: ECOFIN Investment Consulting AG
  • Accounting: Bourcart Treuhand AG, Basel
  • Auditors: Copartner Revision AG, Basel
  • Supervisory authority: Swiss Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations, Berne