Making foundation know-how accessible to the public

In its annual reports and publications dealing with specific themes and areas of activity, Gebert Rüf Stiftung provides a public account of its grant-making activities and the impact they have. This transparent information policy has positioned Gebert Rüf Stiftung as a model grant-making foundation beyond Switzerland's borders too.

GRS Book Series

Gebert Rüf Stiftung publishes a series of books entitled «Gesellschaft.Wirtschaft.Schweiz», which takes a fresh look at science and entrepreneurship in Switzerland on the basis of the purpose of the foundation and thus provides an opportunity to reflect on current issues and challenges affecting Switzerland as a business location and living space from an overarching perspective.

The individual publications are intended to initiate a public discussion. Carefully selected topics from the areas of society and business are to take up latent current issues, highlight the resulting areas of tension, identify positions, uncover preconditions and suggest possible approaches to improvement.

The first volume on «Haben Unternehmen eine Heimat?» was published by NZZ Libro Verlag in March 2016. The study on Switzerland as a business location examines the question of whether companies have an emotional bond with their location that goes beyond purely economic calculations. A second volume on science communication is being planned.

Katja Gentinetta, Heike Scholten, Haben Unternehmen eine Heimat? Eine Studie. Ein Porträt. Ein Lesebuch zum Wirtschaftsstandort Schweiz, NZZ Libro Verlag, Zürich 2016.