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Charming ANYmal


Für den Inhalt der Angaben zeichnet die Projektleitung verantwortlich.


Dieses von der Gebert Rüf Stiftung geförderte Projekt wird von folgenden weiteren Projektpartnern mitgetragen: ANYbotics AG; Wyss Zurich; NCCR Robotics; Horizon 2020; ECHORD++ Booster; ESA Business Incubation Center.

Project data

  • Project no: GRS-033/18 
  • Amount of funding: CHF 150'000 
  • Approved: 04.07.2018 
  • Duration: 08.2018 - 10.2020 
  • Area of activity:  DesignPlus, 2013 - 2018

Project management

Project description

This project integrates advanced design aspects in the development of a next generation of the walking robot ANYmal. The resulting aesthetic and attractive design conveys the image of a friendly, useful and helpful, but also technologically advanced and professional robot system. This is a prerequisite for public acceptance of walking robots and will pave the way towards future service applications outside of industrial environments. 

What is special about the project?

Legged robots provide ultimate mobility in any type of terrain and hence find application in various scenarios ranging from industrial inspection and rough terrain transportation to search and rescue and entertainment. Research at ETH Zurich on legged robotics since 2009 resulted in the four-legged robot platform ANYmal, capable of moving and operating autonomously in challenging terrain while interacting safely with the environment. As a multi-purpose robot platform, it is well suited to be used on industrial indoor or outdoor sites for inspection and manipulation tasks, in natural terrain or debris areas for search and rescue tasks, or on stage for animation and entertainment. The four legs allow the robot to crawl, walk, run, dance, skate, jump, climb, carry – whatever motion the task requires.

During this project we integrated advanced design aspects in the development of ANYmal. In order to find public acceptance for robotic systems it is very important that the device is perceived positively and raises interest and not fear or antipathy with operators and spectators. An aesthetic and attractive design should convey the image of a friendly, useful and helpful, but also technologically advanced robot system and avoid that the robot is perceived as a threat to individuals and humanity. The existing quadruped robot – a torso box on straight legs – was completely revised for the new generation of ANYmal C robots that are characterized by expressive, yet charming facial features and an elegant main body.


The project started with defining the specifications jointly between designers and engineers from ETH Zurich/RSL, the Wyss project ANYmotion, and ANYbotics. The interactive optimization process was driven by a team effort covering design, engineering, manufacturing and cost aspects. The design project was staged in two main phases, starting with completing the functional specification and the design work, and focusing on aesthetics and attractiveness. The result is the new ANYmal C prototype with a completely new and very attractive look and a strongly improved product design. This robot is available as Product since 2020 and is documented on the new ANYbotics website.


Hutter, M., Gehring, C., Lauber, A., Gunther, F., Bellicoso, C. D., Tsounis, V., … Meyer, K. (2017). ANYmal - toward legged robots for harsh environments. Advanced Robotics, 31(17), 918–931.
P. Fankhauser and M. Hutter. ANYmal: A Unique Quadruped Robot Conquering Harsh Environments. Research Features, (126):54–57, 2018.



Persons involved in the project

Marco Hutter, Project coordinator
David Sekanina, Designer
Sakho «Eris» Dhionis
Hanspeter Fässler, Business development

Last update to this project presentation  10.02.2021