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Crownos – ensures diversity in the watch industry


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Project data

  • Project no: GRS-067/22 
  • Amount of funding: CHF 150'000 
  • Approved: 10.02.2023 
  • Duration: 04.2023 - 09.2024 
  • Area of activity:  First Ventures, seit 2018

Project management

Project description

CROWNOS is reshaping the Swiss watch landscape with a digital platform that seamlessly connects brands, retailers, and consumers. Utilizing AI for personalized matchmaking between timepieces and consumer preferences, and introducing a digital maintenance and repair service, CROWNOS enhances accessibility and diversifies the watch buying experience. This approach not only boosts customer engagement and personalization in the digital space but also opens new distribution channels for independent brands, establishing new benchmarks in the industry for consumer interaction and creating a more inclusive ecosystem.


At the outset of CROWNOS, we established the foundational steps for developing our digital platform tailored to the Swiss watch market. The successful launch of our MVP introduced AI-driven personalized matchmaking, enhancing accessibility for independent watch brands and modernizing consumer interactions.
Currently, our focus is on refining AI capabilities and expanding platform features. This includes the introduction of a digital maintenance service in partnership with watch repair ateliers and service centers.
Moreover, we've fostered strategic partnerships with industry players and startups to broaden our service scope and strengthen our market presence. Validation studies conducted across various regions have provided insights into the platform's effectiveness in diverse markets. Additionally, user tests on new features have been conducted to enhance user experience and engagement.
Looking ahead, CROWNOS remains committed to its gradual expansion, aiming to reshape the traditional watch buying experience while contributing to sustained industry innovation and growth.


Persons involved in the project

Andreas Dobler, Project Manager

Last update to this project presentation  13.05.2024