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Floating Robotics – We give a hand to farmers!


Für den Inhalt der Angaben zeichnet die Projektleitung verantwortlich.

Project data

  • Project no: GRS-073/22 
  • Amount of funding: CHF 150'000 
  • Approved: 10.02.2023 
  • Duration: 03.2023 - 02.2024 
  • Area of activity:  InnoBooster, seit 2018

Project management

Project description

Floating Robotics automates labor-intensive tasks in farming with robotic hand manipulation, vision, and AI. High-value crops demand such automation throughout the world due to labor shortage problems. We give a hand to farmers! This is formally a robotic manipulator equipped with shears, cameras, and a state-of-the-art edge computer to recognize objects and pick them. The setup mounts on existing pipe trolleys in greenhouses to move around and complete rows one after each other. The robot currently harvests and de-leafs tomatoes in glass greenhouses.


We currently have a picking robot functioning alone. During 2023, we aim at completing this setup with mobility and tomato boxing capability to complete one greenhouse row automatically. This forms our MVP and serves customers full-time to addresses all their quality expectations. Extensive work will be done in the greenhouse to resolve all the technical issues and ensure smooth and autonomous robot operation.


Persons involved in the project

Dr. Salman Faraji, project leader

Last update to this project presentation  25.01.2024