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Ascento – Secure assets with Robotics and AI


The project management is responsible for the content of the information provided.

Project data

  • Project no: GRS-075/22 
  • Amount of funding: CHF 150'000 
  • Approved: 10.02.2023 
  • Duration: 03.2023 - 12.2024 
  • Area of activity:  InnoBooster, seit 2018

Project management

Project description

Currently the Security industry faces major challenges, as it becomes increasingly difficult to find candidates
to fill guard job vacancies, whilst security demand is steadily increasing.
To solve this Ascento provides robotic guards and AI software to patrol large, outdoor, private properties. It includes points of interest checking, edge case detection, all powered by proprietary AI.
Ascento Guard can be rented conveniently by the hour and is able to save costs from the first day, whilst generating quantitative insights of your premises.


The goal of this project is to enhance the robot's autonomy capabilities and develop a mass-producible version to accelerate our current growth.


Persons involved in the project

Alessandro Morra, Project leader

Last update to this project presentation  25.03.2024