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FimmCyte – novel endometriosis treatment


The project management is responsible for the content of the information provided.

Project data

  • Project no: GRS-095/21 
  • Amount of funding: CHF 150'000 
  • Approved: 10.02.2022 
  • Duration: 05.2022 - 09.2023 
  • Area of activity:  InnoBooster, seit 2018

Project management

Project description

At FimmCyte our vision is to develop the first disease modifying treatment for endometriosis. Every tenth woman has endometriosis, but besides pain management and surgery there are no alternatives. At FimmCyte we have developed a novel therapy which has proven to be highly effective in animal and ex-vivo models. This is the first immune based therapy for endometriosis and once successful will provide patients and healthcare providers a much-needed tool to fight this painful disease.


The support by Gebert Rüf foundation allowed us to advance our asset closer to first in human. After reaching a frozen design FimmCyte will seek to conduct first in-human studies by 2026. The team has been successful in securing prestigious accelerators support such as VentureKick III and the Bioinnovation institute bolstering FimmCyte’s position as a pioneer in the field of women’s health.


Persons involved in the project

Mohaned Shilaih, PhD, co-founder
Valentina Vongrad, PhD, co-founder
Prof. Brigitte Leeners, Department Head Reproductive Endocrinology

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