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Concept-Study: SwissWINovation 2009-2011


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Données de projet

  • Numéro du projet: GRS-012/08 
  • Subside accordé: CHF 50'000 
  • Consentement: 07.04.2008 
  • Durée: 04.2008 - 06.2008 
  • Champs d'activité:  Venture Kick, seit 2007

Direction du projet

Description du projet

Innovation? Why is it so important for the growth of the Swiss economy? How do Swiss companies innovate? Who are the main players?
In the absence of a national study or international benchmark on the question, Rezonance launched in 2005 the “Swiss Innovators Yearbook and Gala” projectThe objectives are to promote Innovation and growth in Switzerland, to encourage and enable synergies between laureates of entrepreneurship and Innovation prizes and key actors of Innovation (political, academic, economic and media), to maximise visibility of Innovation and entrepreneurship prize winners at Swiss and international levels and promote the exchange of experience and best practicesFeedback from the Gala participants was excellent, including quotes from the likes of Christine Langenberger, Deputy at the States Council and former President of the Commission for science, education and culture (CSEC), urging a continued support and attendance to this eventResponses to the Yearbook were equally unanimous with the general agreement that it was an excellent and unique tool for the promotion of Swiss Innovation abroadSwissWINnovation» proved itself as a successful project, providing a unique interaction between all actors of Innovation in Switzerland and answering to a real need for networking at a national level, within the economic, political and academic circlesBased on the proven past three editions, it was decided that a new concept should be developed for the next three editions. The decision has been taken to make a break in 2008 in order to develop this new concept in a Pre StudyThe working title of this new project is "SwissWINnovation". The purpose of the Concept-Study is to adapt the overall concept and products to a bigger target market that is to the whole of Switzerland and abroad

Quelles sont les particularités de ce projet?

The Gebert Rüf Stiftung financial support for the «SwissWINnovation» project is based on several criteria:Interdisciplinarity in Innovation: from information technologies to biotechnology, medical engineering, sciences promotion, ecology, sustainable development, construction and tourism.
> Originality: «SwissWINnovation» is to this day the only project to gather all circles concerned by innovation and that enables Innovation laureates and start-ups to meet leading actors within economic, academic, media and political circles.
> Transfer potential: «SwissWINnovation» enables the creation, development and maintenance of communication, exchange of experience and business links between innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, media, research centres and universities..

Etat/résultats intermédiaires

The upcoming releases of "SwissWINnovation 2009-2011“ are based on the proven past three editions. Concept and products will be adapted to a bigger target market that is to the whole of Switzerland and abroad.
The outcomes/products are:
> a 20-25 pages Concept-Study
> a 8-12 pages booklet summing up and presenting the new concept to future partners, edited in 100 copies
> Three yearbooks largely distributed nationally and internationally,
> Three events gathering 500 key actors of Swiss innovation: prize winners and leaders from political, economic, academic and media circles.
> A collaborative website giving tools to prize winners and their environment’s actors to promote the exchange of experience, best practices and ventures.

Current project state:
The project has been launched in April 2008 : Contacts with new partners, project meetings, Brainstorming, Meetings with former partners of the projectand of technological Swiss consulates abroad.The next step will the production of the Concept-Study and Booklet scheduled on May the 21st : Start of the market research, Start of conceptional work and receiving project design and graphics. The Concept-Study and the Booklet will be presented to strategic partners in June 2008.


For the three past editions:
"+SwiTi 2005, Innovation Made in Switzerland Portraits of 111 winners", Rezonance Publishing, ISBN 2-8399-0032-7
“+ SwiTi 2006, Swiss Innovators Yearbook, Portraits of 115 winners”, Rezonance Publishing, ISBN 2-8399-0141-2
“+ SwiTi 2007, Swiss Innovators Yearbook, Portraits of 135 winners”, Rezonance Publishing, ISBN 2-8399-0235-4

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