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Crownos – ensures diversity in the watch industry


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Données de projet

  • Numéro du projet: GRS-067/22 
  • Subside accordé: CHF 150'000 
  • Consentement: 10.02.2023 
  • Durée: 04.2023 - 09.2024 
  • Champs d'activité:  First Ventures, seit 2018

Direction du projet

Description du projet

CROWNOS is the first personalized mediation service for premium and luxury watches, digitally bringing together watch brands, retailers and potential watch buyers in one place. We want to promote diversity within the industry by creating a contemporary and digital stage for high-quality watches. We see digitization as an opportunity for all players in the watch ecosystem and offer brands and retailers the opportunity to make their watches accessible to a broad community in a personalized way on a web platform. Our service individualizes the visitor experience by intelligently matching timepieces and customers, while guiding them in their search for watches that suit their individual tastes and needs and providing valuable content around watches and watchmaking.

Etat/résultats intermédiaires

The primary objective of the initial phase is to evaluate the viability of our proof-of-concept by initiating the beta phase within an authentic market setting. This phase entails collaborating closely with key industry stakeholders such as brands and retailers, as well as the Institute of Design Research in Bern. The outcomes derived from this stage directly inform the enhancement and progression of our product to better align with the targeted product-market fit, which is a significant determinant for the subsequent phase. In phase three, we place emphasis on generating user traction, while also broadening our network of business partners and clients.


Personnes participant au projet

Andreas Dobler, Project Manager

Dernière mise à jour de cette présentation du projet  09.05.2023