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Miros Music Game – jouez avec les sons


La direction du projet est responsable du contenu de l’information.

Données de projet

  • Numéro du projet: GRS-082/21 
  • Subside accordé: CHF 130'000 
  • Consentement: 10.02.2022 
  • Durée: 03.2022 - 12.2023 
  • Champs d'activité:  Education Pioneers, seit 2019

Direction du projet

Description du projet

Many children who want to learn music face difficulties in staying motivated and practicing their instrument daily at home. Parents do not always have solutions to this and sometimes have to push their children to practice their instrument. Furthermore, music teachers may not have truly engaging tools to motivate their students during lessons and/or at home.
Music can then become an additional task outside of school for the child and is no longer seen as a source of enjoyment. Students may risk losing motivation in the long term if they do not find pleasure in practicing and do not have many opportunities to have fun with their instrument, thus missing out on the numerous benefits associated with learning an instrument.
The Miros project aims to create engaging and educational tools for children learning music and also to support parents in the learning process and strengthen the bond with teachers. Through a physical card game that allows for creative musical improvisation and a digital application containing a journal and various activities for students and parents, we aim to enable children to have fun with their instrument and sounds while making progress.
We believe our project is innovative because we aim to offer a range of physical and digital products and services that are both engaging and educational, allowing each individual to choose what suits them best. Additionally, we are developing our products and services directly with our community of teachers, schools, parents, and students through an iterative approach so that our solutions can meet real needs.

Etat/résultats intermédiaires

Thanks to the Gerbert Ruf Stiftung, we were able to finalize our card game and create a beta version of a web application aimed at enhancing students' autonomy through a digital journal. We also conducted a study on the impact of our tools with approximately 600 students across Switzerland in partnership with various music schools, conservatories, and teachers. Through the data collected by our digital journal, questionnaires, and interviews, we observed that students were more motivated to practice their instruments regularly with Miros. The majority of parents also reported feeling better supported and having more fun moments with their children thanks to the Miros game. Additionally, participating teachers in our study testified that the game strengthened their connection with students and that certain musical skills had been improved through the game, including improvisation, creativity, listening, dynamics, and group play. We are delighted to have demonstrated the impact of our tools on musical learning.

The upcoming key milestones for the Miros project will be as follows: Establishing the SARL entity linked with the Association through a licensing agreement, Finalizing the card game for production, Initiating the first phase of collaboration by providing a limited number of games to numerous music schools in Switzerland, Producing the first series of our card games in Europe using recycled materials, and finally Launching Miros to the public for the new school year in September 2024.


Personnes participant au projet

Joris Favre, Créateur et responsable de projet
Vignesh Venkatachalam, Co-créateur
Marion Bareil Interactive Designer
Camille Attard Interactive Producer
Charles Chalas Développement Web

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