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Apheros – Metal Foams for Efficient Cooling


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Données de projet

  • Numéro du projet: GRS-006/23 
  • Subside accordé: CHF 150'000 
  • Consentement: 02.05.2023 
  • Durée: 06.2023 - 07.2024 
  • Champs d'activité:  InnoBooster, seit 2018

Direction du projet

Description du projet

Cooling significantly impacts the performance and longevity of consumer electronics products, including batteries, electronic devices, and motors. It is estimated that by 2030 approximately 6% of the world's total energy consumption will be solely dedicated to cooling electronic devices. Consequently, there is a pressing need to introduce more efficient cooling solutions to the market.
Apheros has developed an innovative metal foam that stands out for its exceptional heat dissipation capabilities thanks to its unique structure. The outstanding performance of Apheros metal foam is achieved through innovative manufacturing processes that produce open-pore structures with a surface area a thousand time greater than currently available metal foams. This increased surface area not only enhances cooling but also creates exciting possibilities for various applications, for instance substrates for catalysis. The open-pore structure facilitates wetting and infiltration, making Apheros foams the perfect fit for applications such as grease reservoirs in drills and gears.

Etat/résultats intermédiaires

The Apheros team has demonstrated the strong mechanical and thermal properties of Apheros’ metal foams as well as an open-pore structure and exceptional wetting. Production processes are being scaled from lab-scale to enable proof-of-concept studies for thermal management and lubrication. Within the scope of this project, Apheros has developed unique processes and know-ho to produce iron, stainless steel, copper, and nickel foams with porosity up to 95%.
This project enables Apheros to validate its technology with customers, to test long term reliability and performance, and to set-up market entry. This project also supports the upscaling of Apheros production from lab-scale (30 parts/month) to more than 400 parts/month, allowing the company to meet their customers’ needs. 


Personnes participant au projet

Dr. Julia Carpenter, project leader at ETHZ & CEO apheros
Dr. Gaëlle Andreatta, gaelle.notexisting@nodomain.comandreatta@apheros.notexisting@nodomain.comch, CTO apheros
Alain Schwegler, production apheros
Linus Kopp, production apheros
Teepich Houtae, R&D apheros

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