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  • Projekt-Nr: GRS-006/21 
  • Förderbeitrag: CHF 150'000 
  • Bewilligung: 14.01.2021 
  • Dauer: 02.2021 - 09.2024 
  • Handlungsfeld:  First Ventures, seit 2018



Power sockets are fixed in their place and can't adjust to changing needs. Because of that power sockets often define home furnishings and the way appliances are used.
SurroundPower offers a variable power distribution in the residential sector.
As part of the industrial project in the industrial engineering degree programme we developed an idea that allows a variable power distribution. Since then, we have been passionately working on the full implementation of this idea called SurroundPower.
SurroundPower consists of a powertrack and various adapters. The powertrack replaces the skirting board in the living area and at the same time distributes the power throughout the room. The adapters provide a secure connection between the powertrack and your appliances and can be plugged in, out and be moved anywhere on the powertrack.
Due to its unique powertrack structure, SurroundPower offers a very high safety standard. Cable tangles, extension cords and power strips are no longer needed, because with SurroundPower the next plug-in is always right by your side.
The objective of our project is to sustainably replace the power socket and have a positive impact by making people's lives easier.
SurroundPower combines the function of the skirting board with the power distribution in the living area. Architects no longer have to plan sockets and electricians no longer have to laboriously install them in the building structure. SurroundPower simplifies the work of the people involved and at the same time offers the user a huge added value. On top of that, SurroundPower's vision is to build an international standard in power distribution and to end the different kind of power sockets in all countries.


SurroundPower is still under development. After prototypes proved the function we successfully built a showcase installation of Version 1 to proof the concept. After the installation and use of our showcase installation we figured out that the concept works, but still needs some optimisations to meet our expectations. Therefore we had to change the concept and developed Version 2 of SurroundPower. The next step is to build another showcase installation with Version 2 and then show it to the stakeholders to gain inputs and get first sales.
After we together with our stakeholders approved our Version 2 in the beginning of 2023, the next big goal is the submission of the patent application. And finally, before the start of the serial production, we will certify our system.
On the marketing side we talked to various stakeholders, especially possible customers and found a partner for a customer-effective public showroom. Furthermore we are in contact with a big player in the electrical installation business, who is interested to manufacture the whole adapter and get involved in the general project.


Am Projekt beteiligte Personen

Flavio Guadagnini, Projekt Manager
Patrick Salvagno, Finances
Pitt-Alexander Wibawa, Technology

Letzte Aktualisierung dieser Projektdarstellung  25.01.2024