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Micro-projection System


Für den Inhalt der Angaben zeichnet die Projektleitung verantwortlich.


Dieses von der Gebert Rüf Stiftung geförderte Projekt wird von folgenden weiteren Projektpartnern mitgetragen: EPFL, Lemoptix.


  • Projekt-Nr: GRS-021/08 
  • Förderbeitrag: CHF 180'000 
  • Bewilligung: 29.10.2008 
  • Dauer: 12.2008 - 12.2010 
  • Handlungsfeld:  Venture Kick, seit 2007



Video projection systems are now widely used for professional and home purposes. This project aims to develop a new paradigm for projection system, based on single analog MEMS scanning micro-mirror technology instead of matrix of millions of digital mirrors currently used in these systems. This technology will result in a considerable miniaturization as compared to existing solutions. Projectors will then become embeddable, and could be placed into any mobile device such as mobile phone or portable computers. Due to the use of laser source, the projector brightness is strongly increased and then become ideal for application in very bright environment. The first application that will be tested in the frame of the project is the use of such MEMS projector for surgery application: vital information about the patient will be projected directly within the physicist’s scope of vision in order to increase his response time and decrease the surgery time.

Was ist das Besondere an diesem Projekt?

The project bridged the gap between basic research phase that have been done on MEMS scanning micro-mirrors and implement it in a more complex value-added system: a micro-projector. The project was truly multi-disciplinary; it enabled collaboration re-enforcement, synergy and exchange of knowhow between laboratory partners, active in very different technical fields (optics, electronics, MEMS). The project was a joined collaboration between LMIS4 and GR-KA EPFL laboratories, the HES-so Sion and Lemoptix SA.


The project achievements were above expectations as full color VGA resolution MEMS-based laser microprojector has been successfully developed within the project duration. Real condition testing of the projector at the CHUV for surgery application were successful and the first Microprojector product will be release on the market for medical/surgery and industrial application by beginning of 2011.


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Am Projekt beteiligte Personen

Dr. Nicolas Abelé, Projektleiter, nicolas.notexisting@nodomain.comabele@epfl.notexisting@nodomain.comch
Philippe Renaud, EPFL-STI-IMM-LMIS4, Station 17, 1015 Lausanne, Tel: 021 693 25 96, philippe.notexisting@nodomain.comrenaud@epfl.notexisting@nodomain.comch
Marco Boella, Lemoptix SA, Chemin des saules 1, 1185 Mont-sur-Rolle, Tel: 079 200 42 00, marco.notexisting@nodomain.comboella@lemoptix.notexisting@nodomain.comcom

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