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SURI Biotech – Improving people’s health by targeting their microbiome


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  • Projekt-Nr: GRS-030/22 
  • Förderbeitrag: CHF 150'000 
  • Bewilligung: 28.06.2022 
  • Dauer: 10.2022 - 04.2024 
  • Handlungsfeld:  InnoBooster, seit 2018



The microbiome represents a new area of science with potential to improve human health. At SURI BioTech we untangle the potential of the gut microbiome using rationally selected bacterial strains with clear targets and high efficacy for the alleviation of bloating and gastrointestinal discomfort. Our proprietary bacterial strains are developed based on our strong scientific understanding on the mechanism of bloating and for preventing hydrogen gas production by intestinal microorganisms – with potential applications in multiple functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGDIs) such as infant colic, lactose intolerance and bloating. BactoKind, our first application, is a food supplement containing a consortium of natural bacterial strains for the alleviation of infant colic.
20% of babies younger than 5 months suffer from infant colic, a functional gastrointestinal disorder characterized by inconsolable crying, over 3 hours a day, 3 times a week, which severely impairs quality of life of the parents, and can also trigger maternal post-partum depression. BactoKind is the first microbial solution for infant colic with a clear mechanism of action and will offer relief to the infant’s pain and improve parents’ well-being.


InnoBooster funds will allow us to obtain a first industrial standard prototype of BactoKind as intended to be marketed, demonstrating that our formulation production is scalable and reproducible, and to determine its shelf-life stability. The finished product prototype will also be used to conduct in vivo safety and toxicology tests in animal models as required by regulatory authorities to approve BactoKind strains as food ingredient for inclusion in infant formula. Concomitantly, Innobooster funds will also allow us to establish commercial partnerships with CMOs and distribution partners to launch BactoKind to the market in 2024.


Am Projekt beteiligte Personen

Dr. sc. Vanesa Rocha Martin, project leader
Veronica Zimmermann, project employee, research assistant
Mathilde Dupin, project employee, commercial development

Letzte Aktualisierung dieser Projektdarstellung  30.08.2023