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DIATHERIS – For Better Therapy & Life of People with Type 1 Diabetes


The project management is responsible for the content of the information provided.


  • Projekt-Nr: GRS-061/23 
  • Förderbeitrag: CHF 150'000 
  • Bewilligung: 31.10.2023 
  • Dauer: 01.2024 - 06.2024 
  • Handlungsfeld:  InnoBooster, seit 2018



DIATHERIS is a spin-off of the University of Geneva with the goal of developing a groundbreaking therapeutic solution to improve the treatment of type 1 diabetes. Currently, insulin therapy stands as the sole option for type 1 diabetes (T1D) patients. However, this therapy has proven suboptimal, with a central challenge being the achievement of proper glycemic control without the associated risks of life-threatening hypoglycemia and ketoacidosis. Additionally, the lipogenic action of therapeutic insulin contributes to overweight, a significant factor in cardiovascular co-morbidities among T1D patients.
The existing strategies to enhance insulin therapy for T1D fall short of providing a satisfactory solution. While adjunct therapies improve hyperglycemia, they concurrently elevate the risk of life-threatening hypoglycemia and ketoacidosis—persistent challenges in T1D treatments. At Diatheris, we are actively developing a first-in-class therapeutic solution to overcome these limitations and enhance T1D management.
Our proprietary approach hinges on a small protein known as S100A9. The S100A9 treatment exploits an insulin-independent pathway, displaying remarkable results in combination with low-dose insulin. This combination works to improve glycemic control, effectively normalizing glycemia without the associated risks of hypoglycemia and ketoacidosis.


The Innobooster program is instrumental in developing a final drug formulation, enabling the initiation of regulatory toxicology studies necessary for a first-in-human clinical trial application.


Am Projekt beteiligte Personen

Giorgio Ramadori, project leader at University of Geneva

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